Weight training exercises are an integral part of any workout routine. These exercises are equally important for the seniors and elderly people too.

Strength training exercises are extremely beneficial for improving muscle and bone strength, balance and movement. They even help in preventing various diseases like arthritis, fluid in the body, etc. Moreover, it is almost safe for everyone.

Although, you should consult a doctor to check whether you are having any chronic disease, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, heart problems, etc.

Here Are Few Tips For Senior Weight Training Exercises

Strength Training Exercises For Upper Body Muscles

Strength training exercises for seniors are very carefully designed so that they do not exert extreme pressure on their body parts. Likewise, variancetv, the important workouts for upper body muscles are as follows:

Wall-push-up is a simple exercise beneficial for enhancing chest, shoulders and arms’ strength. You can easily stand in front of a wall with your arms placed on it at the shoulder level.

Now, try to push yourself slowly towards the wall by bending your elbows and then, return to normal. Another important exercise suitable for the upper body is finger marching, which is done in a few steps.

First of all, you should make your fingers creep on an imaginary wall in front of you. Then, take both your arms behind and do the same crawling with the fingers of one arm to the elbow of the other arm. Now, bring the arms back in front, lock your fingers and stretch them.

Some exercises like the overhead press, bicep curls, chest press, etc. are done with the help of light dumbbells to get similar benefits. For bicep curls, you should hold the dumbbells with your palms facing the shoulders and lift them by folding your elbows.

You can lift the dumbbells above your head by straightening your arms from the shoulder level to do a shoulder press. The chest press is done similarly while lying down.

Some exercises suitable for abs and back muscles include head rising and abdominal crunches. You will have to lift your upper body till the torso level while lying upside down for head rising and on your back for abdominal crunches.

Strength Training Exercises For Lower Body Muscles

Some of the special workouts for lower-body muscles are as follows. You should always keep your back straight while performing these exercises.

Squats or knee bending exercises are very essential for strengthening butt, hips, and thighs. You should use a chair for maintaining your balance while sitting.

Several exercises like heel and toes raise, knee curl, hip abduction, etc. can be done while holding a chair or any fixed object. For toe raise, you should stand straight and lift your toe for 5 seconds and heel raise do vice versa.

These are extremely important for improving your walking. You can practice knee curl by folding each of the knees backward to strengthen your thighs and calves. You should practice hip abduction by lifting each leg straight at your side for about 10 times.

You can also practice step up climbing for 10-15 minutes to strengthen your legs and hips. You can hold the handle of the staircase to balance yourself.