There is no doubt fleas are some of the most annoying creatures that live in this world. They can make you sick. The very thought of these blood-feeding insects can make your skin crawl without any fault of your own. Many people have been looking for ways to prevent bed bugs and others in their restaurants because they know how these insects can be harmful. Those who ignore fleas make grave mistake since they also pose a significant danger to you and your guests. These unfriendly insects bite and cause distress to your pets too. To make the matter worst, they always show in incredible numbers given that they lay many eggs. After each blood meal, the females lay between four and eight eggs, which mean one can lay around 500 eggs in its lifetime. The young fleas start biting within two days of hatching. It is a big problem, but you can avoid all these. Here are the main strategies that you ought to use to be safe.

Start with the 3 Top Basics

As you know, prevention is always better than cure. Create a proactive pest control program, and you will prevent fleas or eliminate them before things go out of your hands.

Your first step should be to carry out inspection regularly to determine where the pests are possibly hiding. At this stage, look out for their cast skins, feces, eggs, egg cases, and any other evidence that of the existence of live fleas. Consider whether you can see their harborages or hiding spots. The places that you should inspect are the trash bins, wall voids, electrical outlets, kitchen equipment, wall voids, and electrical boxes. Others are hollow tubing on the legs of different appliances, cracks, and crevice on the wall of your restaurant. You can also put glue boards adjacent to suspected infestation areas to confirm your fears of infestation.

The second important thing is to maintain proper sanitation. Ensure your trash bins, kitchen equipment, and floors are properly cleaned to limit the places where fleas can hide in your facility.

The third one is to exclude invaded animals. If you notice your pests have been infested, you can keep them out before your entire restaurant is in trouble. However, if they are already infested, get a better solution.

Treat Your Pets

Can fleas be found in a restaurant without pets? The straight answer is ‘yes.’ However, they are the most common host of these annoying insects in restaurants. Wild animals around your locality can also spread them to your restaurant.

That is the reason your first action should be to treat all of your pests once you have exhausted the basics. You may do very little with wild animals, but this strategy often works well. Visit your local vet for an anti-flea shampoo. Follow the instructions carefully and be sure to wash them with the chemical regularly to terminate their entire development cycle. This way, you will be able to prevent itching and control fleas for an extended period.

If you get spot-on and spray products, you can also use it for the same purpose. Apply it on your pets to eliminate all the insects.

But you need to remember that most pests have allergic reactions to these bites. So, use the appropriate chemicals to combat the sensitivity on your cats, dogs, etc. You can use either antihistamines or steroids. However, if you notice infections are occurring due to vigorous scratching, take your pet to your vet to prescribe the best antibiotics. Moreover, be sure you take your dog or cat to follow-up assessments to ascertain the degree of success of the treatment. For more in-depth information on flea medicine for dogs, you can visit, and you will not regret it.

Treat Your Restaurant

As we have seen, there comes a time when getting rid of your infested pests will not be of any help to you. At the same time, treating them may not be enough. In these circumstances, you need to turn to your restaurants as well. How? Vacuum your carpets and furnishings where they sleep to kill all the eggs and fleas. Furthermore, shake the bedding outside the restaurant and also wash the beddings every week. Ensure the heat is not less than 50°C.

As you do all these, take care to avoid spreading the eggs to other safe locations. If possible, place pet beds in the parts of your restaurant without carpets, for example on the wooden floors. Once you do this, all the fleas that have been hiding in your restaurant will die.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways of getting rid of fleas in your restaurant. However, you should be careful to ensure you catch the problem early enough. If you delay, you may spend too much money and even be forced to get rid of your valued pests when you least expect it. As a preventive measure, treat your pets and restaurants regularly. This way, you will be able to get rid of fleas before you notice the first signs. In the end, you will save a lot of money and time and be able to stay safe from the blood-feeding animals.