A Midsummer Flight’s Dream

It’s the same thing every year. We anticipate the beginning of spring, waiting oh so impatiently for the first sign of green stuff popping up, for that first beautiful day that you can walk around without a jacket on. Mother Nature teases us with some cold days, lots of rain, and a few beautiful summer days thrown in, just to remind us that summer is worth waiting for. Then, suddenly, it arrives and boom, it’s half over before you can even catch your breath.

I’m making a summer bucket list this year on a whiteboard, listing all the potential things I want to do during this wonderful season – festivals, places I want to visit, weekend trips, parties, etc. But I also want to make sure I take time to just BE this summer, to savor all the beautiful and wonderful things that summer is. The warm breeze whispering on my shoulder on a lovely summer evening. That special, unique taste of a cold beer enjoyed on the patio on a warm night. The tickle of warm water as it caresses your toes when walking along the beach. And yes, even the symphony of birds put on in the wee hours every morning.

Our new Summer Art Gallery features the things that evoke that summer feeling. Join us this Thursday, June 2nd from 6 to 9 pm for the Opening, which will benefit the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra. One of our featured artists,  the talented Josefien Stoppelenburg, is also a member of the ESO and will be giving a short performance.

It’s a great way to kick off the official beginning of summer, chat with old friends, and meet new ones. And to soak in summertime.

Support Local Art this Thursday at our Gallery Opening!

Shopping local is the buzzword nowadays, isn’t it? We all bemoan the demise of many of our local businesses in Elmhurst as well as other towns. With myriad shopping malls and big box stores nearby, plus the ease of shopping online, it’s definitely difficult for many small businesses to flourish as they once did.

There’s one business, though, which simply cannot be replicated online – buying art.  There’s nothing that really substitutes the experience of viewing art in person. Art is a total sensory experience. Buying art online is similar to watching a YouTube video of a thrilling roller coaster ride – you are just getting a tiny fraction of the experience.

And while it’s easy to buy cheap artistic reproductions at big box stores, the uniqueness of an original piece can’t be beat. Shopping and supporting our local artists is a way to enjoy high quality, one of a kind art while also keeping creativity and free speech alive in our local communities.

Stop by Flight 112 this Thursday, June 4th for our Art Gallery Opening, featuring five local artists. Use all your senses to view their work, enjoy a fine glass of wine, and socialize with other like-minded individuals. And support local art in your community!

Elmhurst Art Museum staff member and local artist Carolyn Hartmann will be displaying her unique and talented work for the next couple of months at our gallery. A graduate of Elmhurst College, Hartmann handles the museum’s marketing and a variety of other duties. Her paintings are done in oil and are an interpretation of photo double exposures.

Talented local artist and York alumni Marta Tiesenga is a visual and sound artist who explores and experimentswith intersections between repetition, language and nonverbal communication, transience, geometric explorations, and technology. She works with images and sound, striving to find an encompassing synthesis between media with inter-sensory art and performance. In her series of glitch paintings, the relationship between the transience of digital glitches and the deliberation of painting is highlighted and manipulated.

Elmhurst resident Linda Mierendorf uses acrylic paints on her Impressionistic-style landscapes and portraits to evoke quiet, reflective moments and memories. Linda began drawing at an early age, and studied drawing and painting in college. She is a member of the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild and works professionally as a graphic designer, muralist, and painter. Her work can be viewed in the guild gallery at the Elmhurst Art Museum and she has also been exhibited in the Alliance of Fine Arts Best of the Best Exhibit at the Mayslake Peabody Estate.

Our resident artist and Art Director Donna Castellanos debuts her new series of work, “Playing Dress Up”, inspired by glamorous fashion illustrators of the past, such as Edith Head. “I make and alter much of my own clothing,” says Castellanos, “and I love the old glamour of Hollywood.” Castellanos uses repurposed and often vintage items to create her mixed media pieces, such as her piece, Ball Gown, in which old baseball covers create a textured and slightly golden voluminous skirt; and She’s All Write, in which vintage postcards and letters comprise the background of this elegantly attired dame.

Photographer and Mixed Media artist Glenda Lissette shares her unique viewpoint on life, love, travel, interesting places, fashion, and more through often introspective filters. Lissette is a graduate of York and a current college student living in Chicago.