How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs In Restaurants

People have mistaken untidiness as the leading cause of bed bugs, but that’s newspeak you shouldn’t listen to. You can find bed bugs in every human resting places, and they don’t choose clean or untidy places.

This hemipterous insect primarily relies on blood as their meal. So, as long as bed bugs can find blood to suck, they don’t care about the tidiness of a place.

What are Bed Bugs Really?

Bed bugs are tiny insects, 5 to 7mm in length and can be attributed to the size of an apple seed (for the adult bed bugs.) The nymphs could be as short as 1.5mm in length. While bed bugs rely on blood as their first meal, they mostly feed on human blood.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers; they will hide in overlooked areas – from cracks to crevices within your immaculate restaurant.

Even though there has been a rumor mill that bed bugs only invade untidy homes, reports are stating that bed bugs are found in all human resting places – even in immaculate hotels.

It’s therefore not a guarantee that bed bugs will spare your restaurant because it’s clean or neatly kept.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs From Restaurants

Since you know know how a bed bug looks like, their hiding places, let’s now answer the question of how much does bed bug treatment cost? Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t a day, week, or month’s task. You’ll have to dedicate a lot of your time to ensure that you eliminate these stubborn insects.

Below is a process of how you can drive away bed bugs from your restaurant:

Step One: Know the Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation

Before you think of eliminating Cimex from your restaurant, you should know the signs of bed bug infestation. After all, you can’t get rid of them if you can’t tell they are present in your business apartment. Here’s how to catch out the presence of bed bugs:

Check if there are any Bed Bug Bites

A bed bug nip is different from a mosquito bite; it is essential that you know how to differentiate the two.

Usually, bed bug snaps spread out and swell unlike mosquito bites that stays round and looks neat; making it difficult to detect.

While it is perceived that bed bugs only attack at night, these little wingless insects can attack during the day in areas where they have fully invaded.

Other Signs

Identifying bed bugs is equally essential. Bed bugs are light-brown in color but can sometimes look reddish after sucking blood from you.

Secondly, check the bedding of your guest rooms if you can trace dark spots of dried blood. If you can spot any, take action because it’s a sign that the intruders have built a home in your restaurant.

Last but not least, the smell of dried blood is a confirmation that bed bugs are around and that they are taking charge of your restaurant.

Finally, don’t be deceived by the name ‘bedbug’ and start thinking that they can find bed bugs on beds; bugs are found in every human resting place; from sofas to under classroom desks.

Step Two: Do the Checking

Once you know the signs, you can go ahead to carry out a thorough search within your restaurant to see if you can spot any bed bug or notice any sign.

Check thoroughly from underneath the restaurant chairs to the cracks and crevices in your restaurant because these are the hiding places of the tiny creatures.

Don’t forget the bed joints as this is also another place where bed bugs enjoy to prey humans as they wait for night time.

As you carry out your search, check the guest room mattresses and see if they could be breeding on them.

Step Three: Bed Bugs Control

There are a couple of ways to control bed bugs. Below are a few techniques you can apply to get rid of bed bugs in your restaurant:

Raise or Lower Your Thermostat: Very high or very low conditions overcome bed bugs. Raising or lowering the temperatures in their breeding places can help get rid of them.

You can air the areas affected in the strong sunlight. Note that you should do this for approximately two weeks.

Empty the Guest Rooms: The best hiding places for bed bugs are the mattresses. As you empty the guest rooms, make sure to pay attention to mattress sides, and destroy their eggs if found.

Repair Cracks In Your Restaurant If There are Any: Call a mason to help you plaster the wall cracks, which are bed bugs’ hiding places.

Use Insecticides: There are lots of insecticides you can use to get rid of bed bugs. The recommended one is pyrethroid. Don’t buy any other insecticide sold around because some of them scatter the bed bugs making it difficult to do away with them. After you have carried out your first exercise, repeat the treatment after two weeks if there isn’t any change yet.

Use Steam On Them: Steam is known to kill bed bugs and destroy their eggs. You can purchase a simple device from your local store and use it to point steam at them. If you have a limited budget, you can turn any bottle into one by inserting a hollow tube to release steam.

Seek Professional Help: There’s no sure-fire way to eradicate bed bugs, but the remedies above have worked in the past. In the event they have all failed (which is impossible), you can seek the assistance of professionals.

Over to You

Bed bugs can cause discomfort in your restaurant. You are therefore advised to take action as soon as you realize their presence. Tolerating these stubborn insects can embarrass you; making your customers stop coming to your restaurant in favor of a competitor.

A Midsummer Flight’s Dream

It’s the same thing every year. We anticipate the beginning of spring, waiting oh so impatiently for the first sign of green stuff popping up, for that first beautiful day that you can walk around without a jacket on. Mother Nature teases us with some cold days, lots of rain, and a few beautiful summer days thrown in, just to remind us that summer is worth waiting for. Then, suddenly, it arrives and boom, it’s half over before you can even catch your breath.

I’m making a summer bucket list this year on a whiteboard, listing all the potential things I want to do during this wonderful season – festivals, places I want to visit, weekend trips, parties, etc. But I also want to make sure I take time to just BE this summer, to savor all the beautiful and wonderful things that summer is. The warm breeze whispering on my shoulder on a lovely summer evening. That special, unique taste of a cold beer enjoyed on the patio on a warm night. The tickle of warm water as it caresses your toes when walking along the beach. And yes, even the symphony of birds put on in the wee hours every morning.

Our new Summer Art Gallery features the things that evoke that summer feeling. Join us this Thursday, June 2nd from 6 to 9 pm for the Opening, which will benefit the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra. One of our featured artists,  the talented Josefien Stoppelenburg, is also a member of the ESO and will be giving a short performance.

It’s a great way to kick off the official beginning of summer, chat with old friends, and meet new ones. And to soak in summertime.


A Rendezvous in Spain. Escape to Spain for an enchanting evening on Valentine’s Day Weekend.  Our enjoy our Spanish-themed Prix Fixe Menu while strolling guitarists provide a romantic backdrop for a very special evening.(Note: Regular Menu is available)
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Valentine’s Day Prix Fixe Menu:

Soup or Salad: Choice of Gazpacho Soup or Meditarranean Salad

Appetizer: Shrimp & Avocado on a bed of Bibb lettuce with Avocado Mayo dressing

Choice of Entrees: 
* 10oz Grilled Flank Steak marinated in Hazelnut Coffee
* 10oz Grilled Cod with Mango Orange Salsa

Choice of Desserts: 
* Chocolate Flan and Blood Orange-Key Lime Granita

Sunday FunDay Sunday Brunch

Sundays are perfect for kicking back and taking life easy. Especially on a gorgeous, breezy summer afternoon. With a spicy Bloody Mary, preferably.

That’s what’s so chill about Brunch – you can take care of two meals in one, eat it at a later hour, sip a cocktail with it, and no one even raises an eyebrow.

Have you ever stopped by for our Sunday Brunch at Flight 112? We’ve got all the ingredients for a laid back Sunday, including a fabulous patio on which to enjoy it!

It’s worth noting that we make all of our food from scratch, even our ketchup. In fact, you’ll see some of our handgrown plants surrounding the perimeter of our patio. Both Chef Mike and Visal incorporate these garden fresh herbs and produce into our food and drinks. (speaking of drinks – just wait till you see the infused cocktails coming soon!)

Yes, you’ll find the breakfast basics, such as eggs and pancakes. But even those have their own distinctive touches, like our Truffle Egg Omelet, made with Truffle Tremor Cheese, which imparts a hint of earthiness. Or our Bananas Foster French Toast, a rich, sweet delight.

And you’ve got to try our Mexican Oatmeal – it’s not your momma’s porridge! Based on a long last recipe from the old Cafe Las Bellas Artes, this special dish hails from the Mexico City region. Cafe Las Bellas Artes was the iconic Mexican restaurant that formerly occupied our building. Our Art Director Donna Castellanos secured the recipe from a friend of a friend of the original owner.

“It has a dessert feel to it,” describes Castellanos, “With a breath of cinnamon!”

Rounding out the more lunch-ey type items, you’ll find a grownup version of grilled cheese, made with fresh basil and Iberico cheese, all on fresh brioche; several fresh salads, and Shrimp & Grits.

Did you know that our Brunch menu is available for private parties and events? We can even mix and match a couple of Brunch items with our regular menu.

Personally, I think our Bloody Mary is one of the best around! Our menu boasts several other interesting Brunch cocktails, along with brunch beers. Can’t wait till football season.

Quench your thirst with one of our Summer Drinks

It’s the first weekend that we’ve really had that feels like summer – hot, humid, and sticky. A nice, frosty drink is the perfect remedy for relaxing and chilling out!

Beer is the obvious choice for many in the summer, and Flight 112 certainly has an extensive selection of lighter craft brews that will go down easy. But what about if you are a wine drinker or you don’t like beer? Red wines just don’t cut it on a hot day. Here are some alternative drinks to help get you through the heat:

– A cool, crisp white wine is the ideal alternative for wine drinkers. Our Tangent Albarino is similar to a Sauvignon Blanc but not quite as fruity. Or try the Opolo Viognier, an aromatic, fruitier white with a mineral finish.

– Our fabulous Sangria is to die for! Made using a secret recipe from our owner Visal, a nice, icy glass goes down super easy. Check them out on Thursday nights during our Ladies’ Nights – they are only $5 a glass!

– Sparkling wines and roses are always fun for a hot summer day, and their lower alcohol content makes them an ideal companion for a hot, sunny afternoon drink.

– Nothing screams summer more than our Kicking Mule cocktail. This twist on an old classic utilizes Jalapeno vodka with a touch of lime juice. Hot, spicy foods actually make you cooler.

– Our Italian 75 combines bubbly Prosecco with some Bombay Sapphire, making it a great sipping cocktail.

And of course, we have our old favorites, such as a ramped up Cucumber Lemonade. And for Brunch, a tasty Mimosa hits the spot!

Come check out our patio this weekend – your cocktail is waiting to cool you off!

The Mystique Of Whiskey

The big decision, whenever we go out with some good friends, is which Scotch the men will try that evening. Sometimes they’ll get an old favorite, like a fine Macallan. Or perhaps the bartender will pique their interest with some new, rare bottle they were able to get their hands on.

Whatever the choice may be, the two men will savor it slowly while discussing the events of their past week, sharing stories about work and projects. Often they’ll plan out our next motorcycle trip to some unique place, like Croatia or Ecuador or Canada (but that’s another story!). Sometimes they don’t say much of anything. But one thing’s for sure – that Scotch is an integral part of that moment.

Enjoying a fine glass of Scotch or some other single malt whiskey is different than doing a shot of Fireball. One is raucous, meant for that crazy moment at a party, designed to get you, let’s be honest, just a little bit drunk very quickly. A Scotch, in contrast, is meant to be sipped and relished slowly. Each taste is like drinking in a bit of history and tradition.

“I enjoy it for the complex character that each region offers,” says my friend. My husband concurs, adding that he loves the tradition behind each brand of Scotch and each unique bottle. But why Scotch, I ask, and not a fine glass of Patron Anejo?

It’s a thinking man’s drink, remarks another friend. To him, enjoying a fine Scotch takes a discerning, refined taste.

My son, who is in his mid-twenties, would seem to echo that sentiment. He has, in the last year or so, started exploring the world of whiskey, and will save up for a fine bottle of Scotch. It’s nothing something he would have ever drank in college, but it seems to now signify wisdom and experience to him. Perhaps it’s the maturity of realizing that a drink can mean more than just a means to getting drunk.

To my husband, enjoying a fine Scotch with a good friend is a celebration of the moment, of achievements, friendships, and life itself.

Join us this Father’s Day Weekend as we celebrate with two special flights of Scotch. We’ve chosen the scotches as a good representation of the wide ranges and characteristics that this fine whiskey can possess.

And come celebrate your precious moments of life here at Flight 112. We have over 35 single malts and 7 blended malts – and you’ll find a unique selection of Scotches, whiskeys, and other spirits that you won’t find at many other places